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1.4 Cable Tester

- This product is designed to quickly test and trouble shoot standard compliance 
HDMI1.4 cables. The HDMI cable tester assembles the entire HDMI cable architecture 
within,allowing fot 100% nfirmation of the entire interface. There are 19 wires present 
inside the HDMI interface, however there are only 9 complete circuits that make up the 
format,the HDMI tester selectively measures each sub circuit within the interface and 
displays a pass/fail by way of LED'son the front of the receiver. The HDMI able Tester 
may also be used to test DVI cable assemblies. Simply install DVI/HDMI adaptors to 
the DVI cable. Insert the Transmitter unit into one end and the Receiver unit into the 
other end. - The DVI does not support CEC (Consumer Electronice Control) this LED will 
remian unlit.
- HDMI cable continuity test only
- HDMI 1.4 specs including Ethemet and return audio wire tests
- HDMI type A to A (regular), A to C (adapter cable) and C to C (mini)
- 2 AA batteries required on this Tx box only (no batt needed on Rx box)
- Test cable: HDMI A MALE TO A MALE Test cable: HDMI A MALE TO C MALE